Biomin BioStabil

Agrinexus Ltd is proud to be the UK & Ireland distributors of Biomin’s BioStabil silage inoculants. This new, latest generation of silage additives is the result of Biomin’s global research technology and expertise in microbial development. BioStabil has been a resounding success worldwide and is used to treat a variety of forages including grass, lucerne, wholecrop cereal and maize. It can be applied in standard or micro applications and can also be used on organic farms.

Biomin Biostabil silage inoculants have the right amount and the right types of homo- and heterofermentative bacteria to deliver all the desired outcomes. The different BioStabil formulations contain different combinations of lactic acid bacteria. These include Lactobacillus plantarum , Lactobacillus kefiri and Lactobacillus brevis . During the fermentation period these strains ensures sufficient and rapid production of lactic and acetic acid . This enables a fast pH drop in ensiled forage which secures the protection of dry matter, preservation of energy and reduction of protein loss. The formulations also reduce undesirable bacteria such as butyric acid producing clostridia, yeasts and moulds leading to enhanced aerobic stability in the feed out phase.